SINCE A silhouette of New York State in red with a white dot on the City of Rochester 2010

The Virgin Wood Type Manufacturing Company has been carving end-grain maple into type since 2010. We've built a reputation for making high quality wood type for letterpress printers around the world.

We offer pantograph-cut wood type in a variety of font schemes and sizes. Our typeface selection is a growing combination of designs from original American Wood Type patterns, revived and redesigned victorian faces, and brand new faces never before cut into wood. We offer simple shapes, calendar fonts, catchphrases, ornaments, arrrows and are always open to custom projects.

In 2010, the late Bill Jones and Geri McCormick bought the machine, originally created by the American Wood Type Manufacturing Company to cut trees into letters and sell them to printers.

For the next two years Bill and I followed suit, eventually offering a total of 23 fonts represented a survey of Victorian and Contemporary type design.

Following our break, we are excited to again offer many of the same fonts from the original collection while working with the letterpress community to release new designs.