Ampersand Collection
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The 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, essentially building blocks of words, are seen by many as merely a means to an end; however, for the type designer, the letterforms of the alphabet stir creativity much like a palette of oil paints does a painter. The 27th letter, or ampersand, allows the type designer to break from the bondage of a single letter and soar to new heights when creating the symbol for the Latin ligature "et," or in English "and." In many cases, its lyrical lines and flourishes sing an ode to joy, and in others the strokes simply evoke "et." Either way, the ampersand holds a special place in the design aesthetic of typography.

In that spirit, we've selected seven ampersands that celebrate its beauty into a 12-line collection. Six of them are from current VWT fonts, and one from a font in the works. Knowing that the printer has different needs all the time, we selected ampersands that would work in a variety of designs.

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Special Notes

Based on production methods, we are not able to substitute ampersands with others from our collection.

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12-line ampersands Inland, Old Style No. 6, Aetna, Concave Tuscan, Gothic 737, Gothic Bold RS, Richard