Chromatic Ornate Specimen
  • $50.00

Virgin Wood Type was inspired to recreate a chromatic wood type from the Victorian era. The source of inspiration for VWT Chromatic Ornate was an original wood font of Wm. H Page's Ornate No. 1. This type was proofed, redrawn, and redesigned to accommodate Virgin’s pantograph router.

If you have ever seen the 1874 Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type, Borders, Etc., then you know how spectacular these chromatic fonts can be. Ever since the inception of recreating this font in wood, Grieshaber had a vision of printing it in more than two colors. And because of his love of type, he decided a specimen was the form it had to take.

This seven color specimen was hand printed by Geri McCormick and James Grieshaber on a Vandercook Universal 3 at the Flower City Arts Center over the course of seven days. The letters are printed in cyan, magenta, yellow, purple, orange, and green, with the colophon in grey. This is an 80lb cover print, measures 13” x 19”, in an edition of 110, signed and numbered.

Print ships in a Polypropylene sleeve, rolled into a triangle mailing tube.

For delivery outside of the United States, the flat-fee of $7.00 USD will not cover postage, so we will send you an electronic invoice for the shipping difference to your country.