Gothic Bold RS

David Wolske, a longtime friend of Virgin Wood Type, was the genesis behind this revival of Gothic Bold RS (reverse stress).

As a graduate student studying graphic design, typography, and letterpress printing at Indiana University, Bloomington, David first saw the Gothic Bold typeface in Rob Roy Kelly's "American Wood Type: 1828–1900." Among hundreds of ornate, eye-catching, and downright odd designs, this reverse-stress alphabet caught David's attention and held his fascination. David made up his mind in that moment a decade ago to someday revive Gothic Bold, even if only for his own personal use.

Fast forward to March 2014 when the amazing Jen Farrell, of Starshaped Press fame, shared via Instagram of her recent discovery and acquisition of a few 3-line Gothic Bold sorts. Seeing pictorial proof of these elusive letters rekindled David's passion to possess a font in moveable wood type.

David scanned the specimen from "American Wood Type" and began drawing the vector outlines. He made subtle modifications and corrected inconsistencies in the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation. Being huge fans of David's artistry, we gladly accepted the challenge to bring his dream to fruition and proudly present to you here, Gothic Bold Reverse Stress!

Production Note: we cut all fonts to order. A typical delivery is 2 to 4 months after placing an order.

This font contains uppercase.