Concave Tuscan

This version of Concave Tuscan was drawn based on the glyph set in Rob Roy Kelly's "American Wood Type, 1828-1900." Virgin Wood Type's friend, Scott Moore of Moore Wood Type, graciously provided us with the vector files from which we had the patterns made. Kelly's glyph set does not include an exclamation or question mark. Someone sent Scott a proof of an exclamation mark from his/her personal collection, so that is the origin of VWT's Concave Tuscan exclamation mark. We have yet to find a question mark in any of the books we've researched.

Geri cut her teeth setting metal type decades ago, but it wasn't until about 10 years ago when she first experienced a similar Tuscan wood type at the Genesee Center for the Arts letterpress studio did she instantly fall in love with wood type.

Production Note: we cut all fonts to order. A typical delivery is 2 to 4 months after placing an order.

This font contains uppercase and figures. The punctuation is included when you buy the uppercase.