Fleurons and manicules are sold in sets of two.

Frederic W. Goudy is one of America's most popular type designers. Because 2015 is the sesquicentennial of his birth, RIT's Cary Graphic Arts Collection is exhibiting Goudyana, if you will. In addition to the exhibit, visiting scholars have given lectures on Goudy, and the collection has organized a Goudy-themed keepsake exchange. (N.B. VWT is only a few miles from RIT, so we've been drinking in all this Goudyana.)

Wanting to honor Goudy in some way, I thought it'd be perfect to find a Goudy-designed ornament that would translate into wood type. I found the fleuron and manicule included with P22 Type Foundry's "Goudy Extras" set of connecting borders, flourishes, and decorative motifs. Rich Kegler of P22 Type Foundry allowed me to use the vector outlines to make patterns for our pantograph. We think you'll find the manicule to be whimsical and the fleuron regal.

Fleurons and manicules