Ornaments are a standard for any letterpress printer. Some even call them "printer's candy," so go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth with a few ornaments.

What you find here are ornaments that Geri liked from a variety of sources: Rob Roy Kelly's American Wood Type, Stephenson & Blake leaves, and the 1912 edition of the American Type Founders (ATF) Specimen Book.

The following ornaments are sold as a pair: Deco, Fleuron, Pointed, SB Leaf, SB Nouveau, Victorian, Deco No. 2.

Circle Ornament, Concentric Circles Ornament, Deco Ornament, Fleuron Ornament, Pointed Ornament, SB Leaf Ornament, Genesee Ornament, SB Nouveau Ornament, Victorian Ornament, Deco No. 2 Ornament