Ornaments are a standard for any letterpress printer. Some even call them "printer's candy," so go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth with a few ornaments.

What you find here are ornaments that Geri liked from a variety of sources: Rob Roy Kelly's American Wood Type, Stephenson & Blake leaves, and the 1912 edition of the American Type Founders (ATF) Specimen Book.

The following ornaments are sold as a pair: Deco, Fleuron, Pointed, SB Leaf, SB Nouveau, Victorian, Deco No. 2.

For delivery outside of the United States, the flat-fee of $10.00 USD will not cover postage, so we will send you an electronic invoice for the shipping difference to your country.

Circle Ornament, Concentric Circles Ornament, Deco Ornament, Fleuron Ornament, Pointed Ornament, SB Leaf Ornament, Genesee Ornament, SB Nouveau Ornament, Victorian Ornament, Deco No. 2 Ornament