How the Grinch Stole Aetna

Posted by: Geri McCormick 8 years, 12 months ago

After the Grinch hassled those lovable Whos in Who-ville,
He set about to see what was what in Rochester-ville.

On a sleepy road, one skip, jump, and hop,
The Grinch happened upon a merry garage turned wood shop.

There he should find some happy little elves
Churning out wood type from old patterns sitting on dusty shelves.

Upon looking around and sneezing from all the dust,
The Grinch found a font that was a must

The Grinch slithered and slunk,
Not even Derek, Geri, Sam, Katie, nor Matt the punk

Could stop him from what he did next.
He stuffed his wooly bag and stopped to text

And then up the chimbley he went, quickly grabbing a poinsettia
Clutching his bursting bag of AETNA!

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